Automated scanning - Optical analysis at its edge

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  • The patented MuScan detection device allows for rapid, automated full field scanning of a surface containing fluorescently stained cells. The LED-based MuScan system is highly robust, shock-resistant and has a small footprint. In combination with the dedicated Sieve-ID test kits the MuScan allows a fast and sensitive detection of micro-organisms. High quality images are obtained using patented optical scanning regimes with optimal background reduction. The sample plane is set for each individual sample to be analyzed, ensuring accurate in focus scanning of a complete sample within minutes. Each separate image obtained from a sample is stored and ready for image analysis processing using the dedicated CFR compliant MuScan software.

Optimal visualization of fluorescence

The MuScan device allows for detection of many different micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi and yeasts. As each image from the membrane is in focus throughout the image whole field, all microbes retained on the membrane are well detected. Herewith the number of contaminants in the sample is accurately measured, even with higher precision compared to compendial methods. In contrast with other fluorescent microscopes, there is no need for manual focussing throughout the sample. moreover, due to the use of highly condensed beams of light with sharp edged wavelength, the effect and thus impact of sample bleaching is highly limited. This in combination with storage of each image for subsequent image analysis, provides a major advantage for accurate analysis and quantification of samples.

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'Bakers' yeast stained with specifdic and generic stain, discriminating viable from dead yeast cells'

Optical innovations

Even though the current MuScan device is optimal for its current use, we continue to further improve the MuScan device by introducing more and other features to the device. These developments are always defined based on customer experiences and desires. If you have a specific request or feature you would like to have implemented in your MuScan system, please contact us.

IQ / OQ / PQ

The CE-marked MuScan device, including software, needs to be installed in a laboratory under defined conditions. To ensure proper installation under cGMP guidelines, we offer Installation and Operation Qualification documentation, customized for the MuScan device at your site. The IQ / OQ can be performed either by the customer, or by Innosieve Diagnostics or the local contact. To allow internal validation of the MuScan and software in combination with our Sieve-ID kits, we have prepared a PQ document. This PQ document will allow you to perform initial validation (so-called PQ1) of the MuScan and kits prior to matrix and specific microve testing for your application (PQ2). For more information about the IQ / OQ / PQ documentation, please contact us.

'Innovations of tomorrow'