To allow reliable molecular diagnostics like Real-time PCR, a robust nucleic acid extraction procedure is essential. The most important factor that leads to inefficient amplification is undesired presence of inhibiting compounds. These compounds origin from the matrix that is subjected to nucleic acid extraction. An efficient nucleic acid extraction method provides in efficient lysis of a sample, followed by maximum collection and purification of DNA / RNA from the sample.

Our DNA extraction kit uses efficient lysis buffer, followed by DNA binding to magnetic particles. Using magnetic particles the DNA is purified efficiently, resulting in pure DNA of high quality for reliable subsequent molecular analysis, like Q-PCR.

Rapid magnetic bead-based DNA extraction

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QuickBlue DNA extraction kits

Cat nr Product Reactions Information
ID12100-50 Quickblue DNA extraction kit 50 Datasheet
ID12100-250 Quickblue DNA extraction kit 250 Datasheet
ID12100-1000 Quickblue DNA extraction kit 1000 Datasheet