Sieve-ID Diagnostics for Food / Agro

Detection of human pathogens in food samples is of major importance to ensure minimal risk for human health. However, current methods require extensive enrichment procedures which can take up to several days prior detection of the pathogen. For food processing industry this means the products are kept in quarantine until clearance.

The novel Sieve-ID diagnostics allow for analysis of food products within 30 minuten from food sample to (quantitative) result. Especially in case of pathogen quantification, rapid results are obtained directly from the sample using the Sieve-ID diagnostics.

However, in some cases a bacterial enrichment from a food sample is obliged by law. This is especially the case when no pathogen is allowed in a food sample (absence test). Using the Sieve-ID diagnostics, presence and absence of a pathogen is detected within 30 minutes after bacterial enrichment. Moreover, in most cases after 6 hrs of incubation the level of pathogens exceeds the diagnostic threshold for the Sieve-ID diagnostic kit. This provides a Same-Day Result, compared to several more days with traditional methods.

Innosieve Diagnostics BV has developed a Sieve-ID Salmonella Kit for the detection of pathogenic Salmonella in food samples.

Next to specific detection of pathogens, in food industry food samples are also analysed for total viable count. The Sieve-ID Viable count kit provides in a rapid, on-site quantification of viable cells in food samples.

Innosieve Diagnostics BV currently directs towards the development of Sieve-ID detection kits for the detection of food pathogens like Listeria, Campylobacter, VTEC Escherichia Coli, generic E. Coli and Saccharomyces cerevisea. Check our website regularly for newly launched assays!

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