Innosieve Diagnostics has obtained a worldwide licence for sales of the MuScan device, developed by CCM. In combination with the microsieve-based diagnostic applications of Innosieve Diagnostics, the MuScan allows a fast and sensitive detection of micro-organisms applicable for routine testing, either on line or on site.

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Optical Scanning
The MuScan detection device relies on a patented LED-based optical (fluorescent) scanning read out of the surface of the microsieve. An integrated image of approximately 200 overlapping scans of the microsieve surface is assembled and analyzed within 4 min.

Image analysis
The software-based image analysis of the digitalized scans is optimized specifically for each application separately. Diagnostic algorithms incorporated in the MuScan-software allow a defined size differentiation of organisms of interest. In combination with fluorescence measurements, a further reduction of incidental false positives is obtained.

Power supply
The MuScan can be powered by either 230V or 12V, making the device suitable for both on site analysis or on-route detection. Particularly in regions where a 230V power supply is not reliable, accessible or available, the MuScan can till perform tests via a 12V battery.

The device is very robust and shock resistant, meaning no calibrations are required after movement of the device. The easy 'plug-and-play' principle allows a fast set-up after transport. The patented principle of internal calibration and shock resistance ensures a clear and non-disturbed sample analysis.

Future enhancements
The current MuScan version allows the screening of one sample a time stained with one fluorescent dye. Currently new features are being incorporated in the device to meet the market demands and to allow more flexibility for MuScan users.

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