Q-PCR is a highly sensitive molecular method that uses DNA to specifically detect an organism of interest in complex matrices. At Innosieve Diagnostics BV we offer a range of Taqman-based QuickBlue Q-PCR kits that allow detection of a range of pathogens in foods and feed stuffs, water samples and beverages.


Innosieve Diagnostics BV is proud to offer the QuickBlue Q-PCR products developed by Q-Bioanalytic GmbH. The Quickblue Q-PCR kits are in accordance with ISO-20838 and have been validated following guidelines of ISO-16140. The kits are routinely used by accredited (ISO-17025) laboratories for reliable molecular diagnostics and/or detection of pathogens or allergens in food/feed or water.

QuickBlue Salmonella spp. Q-PCR kit

QuickBlue Q-PCR kits

Pathogens / bacteria

Allergens and species identification