Next Generation RMM - Direct Microbial Analysis

In general, Rapid Microbial Methods (RMM) allow users to obtain results more early compared to conventional methods. Most of current RMMs rely on microbial growth to enable earlier detection. The next generation RMM focuses on the direct detection and enumeration of microbes, without limiting sensitivity and specificity. In this ground-breaking field of RMMs the most advanced and powerful method that meets these high demands is the MuScan technology. The Sieve-ID kits in combination with MuScan analysis allow rapid and sensitive direct detection and quantification of microbes in a sample, within 45 minutes.

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The RMM platform

The novel Sieve-ID diagnostic platform of Innosieve Diagnostics offers a new generation of rapid sample testing. The Sieve-ID diagnostic tests are easy to use, user friendly and allow rapid and robust analysis with a sensitivity of 1-5 FFU and high accuracy in quantification.

The platform has proven to efficiently collect and concentrate low levels of cells from a large volume suspension. Dependent on user demands, the collected cells can be either specifically detected, quantified, tested for cell viability, subjected to nucleic acid extraction or recovered again from the platform.

Using the Sieve-ID diagnostic platform of Innosieve Diagnostics BV, in most cases a sample can be analyzed directly without the need for time-consuming bacterial enrichments. The complete test can be performed in 60 minutes (from sample to result). All Sieve-ID diagnostic kits are compatible with the automated MuScan device, giving reliable quantitative results within minutes.

The process flow is presented in the movie below.

How are cells visualized?

Using the Sieve-ID kits, microbes can be visualized using different approaches:

  • Generic staining dyes
  • Selective staining dyes
  • Fluorescently labelled DNA/RNA/PNA probes
  • Fluorescently labelled antibodies

  • Due to the generic nature of the Sieve-ID diagnostics, organisms can be detected using different specific labels or generic cell staining dyes. Even combinations of different labels are possible. Which staining principle to use mainly depends on the custom demands for detection and quantification.

    At Innosieve Diagnostics we have different kits available, ranging from specific detection to generic detection. Next to that, Innosieve Diagnostics often performs contract-based projects to develop a custom kit for customers. If you are interested to receive more information, please contact us.

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    'Image of Pseudomonas auruginosa cells from a pharmaceutical process sample'

    What matrices can be used?

    Many different matrices have been evaluated, ranging from pharmaceutical compounds to high density yeast matrices. With complex matrices often a sample pre-treatment is required.

    At Innosieve Diagnostics we have large expertise in rapid and efficient sample pretreatment solutions to allow application of our Rapid Microbial Method for your laboratory. For more information, please contact us.

    Our Sieve-ID kits

    The methodology of solid phase cytometry is recognized by the Pharmacopoeia as alternative rapid method for bioburden testing and sterility testing. Our Sieve-ID Total Viable Count assay is validated according to USP[1223] and performance is found to be equal to, or better than the compendial reference method.

    Are you considering Rapid Microbial Methods for your process or environmental monitoring or end product testing in your QA/QC laboratory? Please contact us for more information and customized assistance.

     Cat Nr  Product  Reactions
     ID12202-50  Sieve-ID® Legionella pneumophila type1 kit  50
     ID12204-50  Sieve-ID® Salmonella sp. kit  50  
     ID12206-50  Sieve-ID® Viable Count kit  50  
     ID12207-50  Sieve-ID® Total Viable Count kit  50  
     ID12208-50  Sieve-ID® Viable count BIY kit  50  
     ID12209-50  Sieve-ID® Fungal spore count kit  50  
     ID12210-50  Sieve-ID® Cronobacter spp. kit  50  
     ID12211-50  Sieve-ID® Gram staining kit  50  
     ID12212-50  Sieve-ID® Pseudomonas spp. kit  50  
     ID12300-10  Sieve-ID® Verification Green kit  10  
     ID12301-10  Sieve-ID® Verification Red kit  10  
     ID12200-ST  Sieve-ID® Spintube 0.45µm pores  10  
     ID12200-ST2  Sieve-ID® Spintube 2µm pores  10  
     ID12200-BA  Sieve-ID® Buffer A  30 ml  
     ID12200-BB  Sieve-ID® Buffer B  100 ml  
     ID12200-BC  Sieve-ID® Buffer C  100 ml  
     ID12200-MB  Sieve-ID® Mounting Buffer  1 ml  
     ID12200-FU  Sieve-ID® Funnel 250 ml  10  
     ID12200-FC  Sieve-ID® Funnel 250 ml including caps  10  
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