Typically suitable for water, food and medical analyses when rapid results are needed

The novel Sieve-ID diagnostic platform of Innosieve Diagnostics BV offers a new generation of rapid sample testing. The Sieve-ID diagnostic tests are easy to use, user friendly and allow laboratory-free analysis and on-site testing.

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Detection of organisms

Due to the generic nature of the Sieve-ID diagnostics, organisms can be detected using different specific labels, like DNA probes (FISH), PNA-probes, antibodies, target specific dyes or generic cell staining dyes. Even combinations of different labels are possible.

Legionella pneumophila type 1 cells

Which micro-organisms can be detected?

In principle all micro-organisms can be detected. At Innosieve we currently have assays available for:

Salmonella spp. , Legionella pneumophila type 1, Legionella pneumophila, Viable Legionella spp.(link to recent press release), Total viable count.

The following assays are in development:

Campylobacter jejuni, Listeria moncytogenes, Yeast, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus spp., Staphylococcus aureus, Fungal spores.

What type of samples can be tested?

The Sieve-ID diagnostics can be performed on a wide range of different samples. Innosieve Diagnostics BV focuses on the following application fields:


The platform has proven to efficiently collect and concentrate low levels of cells from a large volume suspension. Dependent on user demands, the collected cells can be either specifically detected, quantified, tested for cell viability, subjected to nucleic acid extraction or recovered again from the platform.

Using the Sieve-ID diagnostic platform of Innosieve Diagnostics BV, in most cases a sample can be analyzed directly on-site without the need for time-consuming bacterial enrichments. The complete test can be performed in 20 minutes (from sample to result). All Sieve-ID diagnostic kits are compatible with the fully automated MuScan device, giving reliable quantitative results within minutes.

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Cat nr Product Reactions Information
ID12201-xx Sieve-ID Generic kit 10-50 Datasheet
ID12202-xx Sieve-ID Legionella pneumophila kit 10-50 Datasheet
ID12203-xx Sieve-ID Legionella spp. kit 10-50 Datasheet
ID12208-xx Sieve-ID Viable Legionella spp. combi kit 10-50 Datasheet
ID12204-xx Sieve-ID Salmonella sp. kit 10-50 Datasheet
ID12205-xx Sieve-ID Salmonella sp. Plus kit 10-50 Datasheet
ID12206-xx Sieve-ID Viable count kit 10-50 Datasheet
ID12207-xx Sieve-ID Viable count Plus kit 10-50 Datasheet
ID12209-xx Sieve-ID Fungal spore count kit 10-50 Datasheet
ID12200-BB Sieve-ID Buffer B 100 ml Datasheet
ID12200-BC Sieve-ID Buffer C 100 ml Datasheet
ID12200-MB Sieve-ID Mounting Buffer 1 ml Datasheet
ID12200-xx Sieve-ID Spintube xx um pores 10 Datasheet
ID12200-FU Sieve-ID Funnel 250ml 10 Datasheet