Viability screening

In diagnostics, discrimination between dead and viable cells is of utmost importance to ensure reliable results and sound decisions. Viable count analysis is performed at many different sectors, as it is the first indication of product quality. It is used for hygiene screening, quality monitoring, determination of spoilage level, absence testing, and more. We offer different kits that provide in reliable viability count of samples.

The novel Sieve-ID Viable Count kit relies on a different chemistry for staining viable cells. Only metabolically active cells will fluoresce while other matrix components will remain non-fluorescent. This allows the rapid and efficient screening of large volumes of samples.


The Sieve-ID Viability kit is fast; results can be obtained even within minutes. In case of Live / dead staining both the ratio and cell quantification is provided simultaneously.


Provided protocols are robust and generate highly reliable results with each Sieve-ID diagnostic kit.

Custom viability staining

Besides the Sieve-ID Viable count kit, Innosieve Diagnostics BV has developed also a Sieve-ID Generic kit to meet customer's demands to all levels. This kit allows rapid generic cell staining using the viability stain of your choice. Efficient quantitative live/dead screening of cells can be obtained within minutes.


Typically suitable for rapid analysis of number of viable cells in samples of water, food and body fluids, especially when rapid, sensitive and reliable results are needed.

Using the Sieve-ID Viable Count Kit of Innosieve Diagnostics BV, in most cases a sample can be analyzed directly on-site without the need for time-consuming bacterial enrichments. The complete test can be performed within 1 hour (from sample to result, dependent on the users’ requirements).

How does it work?

The Sieve-ID Viable Count Kit only stains cells that are metabolically active, irrespective of their state (young, mature, dormant, stressed, compromised). The staining dye in this novel diagnostic kit is first transported into viable cells. Upon entrance of the cell, the staining dye is cleaved resulting in fluorescence. The fluorescent dye remains in the cell, allowing efficient detection and quantification of the cells. Even cells that are freeze-dried and dissolved again in a broth, will be stained efficiently already after several minutes.

Which micro-organisms can be detected?

In principle all micro-organisms, irrespective whether they are Gram positive or Gram negative, rod-shaped, spiral-shaped or cocci. All will be detected if viable. The larger the cells, the more clear located fluorescence can be present due to local metabolic activities.

At Innosieve we have tested a large range of different microbes already, of which all were clearly detectable. Up to now, only fungal spores were not able to be stained. However, in the near future we will have a different kit available to specifically stain fungal spores.

What type of samples can be tested?

The Sieve-ID Viable Count Kit can be used on a wide range of different samples. The Viable Count Kit can be applied for viable count of water samples, spoilage of beverages, pathogen load in body fluids and viable count in hygiene screening.

The application of the Sieve-ID Viable Count assay is currently studied for application for pathogen load in urine, spoilage detection in beer, contamination in pharmaceutical water.

The additive value over other methods:

- Large volume filtration (and thus concentration of few cells on the membrane)

- Robust and reliable Sieve-ID Diagnostic kit

- Highly efficient detection and quantification (using the MuScan device)

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