Sieve-ID Diagnostics for Water

Water is crucial for life and business. In both cases it is of utmost importance that the water is of high quality. However, most microbiological analysis take at least 1 day, up to even 10 days before results are obtained. This has major implications for the risk for human health and accuracy of process monitoring.

The Sieve-ID diagnostics offer the possibility for direct testing of large water samples. In processing industry a production process can be monitored near to real time. Herewith more control over production processes is obtained, giving rise to higher quality products with reduced variation.

Innosieve Diagnostics BV is currently developing a test for detection and quantification of Legionella in water samples.

A major issue in water quality and safeguarding human health is the possible presence of Legionella. Legionella is a pathogen that proliferates in water reservoirs and can infect humans via small water droplets or vaporized water. Especially immuno-compromized people, children and eldery are more susceptible to this pathogen. Therefore hospitals, sport facilities and public buildings are extensively monitored.

Typically, standard tests require about 10 days before the presence of Legionella can be determined. The Sieve-ID diagnostics can reduce this time to only one day. Next to that, after extensive cleaning of a facility, the Sieve-ID test can be performed on location, herewith giving insight in the cleaning process in less than one hour.

Currently Innosieve Diagnostics BV directs towards the development of Sieve-ID detection kits for the detection of water pathogens like Escherichia Coli, Enterococci and Legionella.

Open water testing

The diversity of microflora in open water like ponds, rivers swimming water etc, is of importance to determine the water quality. Applying the Sieve-ID Generic Kit with pond water offers a rapid test procedure that gives insight in the population diversity.

Below an impression of life in water (light microscopical images and fluorescence microscopical images, both obtained after testing the sample with Sieve-ID Generic Kit and analysis using the MuScan device).

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