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Rapid Microbial method

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'True presence or absence of microbial contaminants can only be measured using direct, non-growth based methods.'

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In general, Rapid Microbial Methods (RMM) allow users to obtain results more early compared to conventional methods. Most of current RMMs rely on microbial growth to enable earlier detection. The next generation RMM focuses on the direct detection and enumeration of microbes, without limiting sensitivity and specificity.
MuScan(TM) technology: In this ground-breaking field of RMMs the most advanced and powerful tool is the MuScan technology. It allows for rapid and sensitive direct detection and quantification of microbes in a sample, even within 1 hour. The best solution for your critical high value products.

"Never seen a novel microbial method actually do precisely what it promises to do"

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Rapid detection and quantification is of utmost importance for pharmaceutical industries. Our MuScan(TM) technology allows for the direct microbial detection and quantification from samples within 1 hour. The dedicated Sieve-ID(TM) kits are validated according to USP[1223] and Ph.Eur 5.1.6 guidelines and the dedicated GMP software is CFR21 part 11 compliant.


Microbial monitoring of endproducts and during production processes is essential to ensure best product quality and to maintain optimal production processes. Our MuScan(TM) technology is easy to use and provides rapid and direct microbial analysis of your products, ranging from environmental samples to detergence samples.

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Rapid microbial analysis is required at each situation the presence of microbes impose a risk to affect health or product quality. Especially when time is limited and results are required immediately, our MuScan(TM) technology can be of significant value. Innosieve provides customized developments to allow for Rapid Microbial diagnostics of various types of matrices.

MuScan(TM) GMP software

The MuScan(TM) GMP software has been designed to fully meet CFR compliancy. Dependent on customer demands, it allows a cyclic or linear double eye data confirmation approach. All data is stored on the customers' server. The CFR21 part 11 compliant MuScan(TM) GMP software relies on image analysis of the scans obtained from the MuScan(TM) device. Diagnostic algorithms incorporated in the MuScan GMP software ensure accurate detection and quantification of the organisms of interest.

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