Monitoring is key


In production processes the quality of the product is key for success. To ensure a high product quality, much emphasis is put on cleaning the production lines and its environment to avoid contaminated products or worse, recalls. Such contamination can originate from different sources, like raw materials, water, human handling, spilling and biofilm formations. Each production process has its own critical points imposing a high risk for product contamination. At those points it is of utmost importance to have an early warning of a upcoming or increased contamination risk. Rapid response is required to avoid loss of product or reduction in product quality. The application of the MuScan method provides a rapid alert for a microbial contamination at critical points during the production process.


During production, monitoring the quality of the production process is of utmost importance, next to intensive cleaning regimes. As microbial analysis require too long, production lines are started before results are obtained. This imposes a high risk for large volume product loss in case of an introduced contamination due to incomplete cleaning or use of contaminated materials. Application of a RMM like the MuScan method provides a rapid call to action in case of an alert. Within hours action can be taken leading to limited or even no loss of product.

Customer voice

‘Using the MuScan we were able to recognize contamination of a water source in an early stage. Immediate action avoided major product loss and gave direction to preventive actions. The decision to use the MuScan has been proven to be very valuable for us.’


In a production facility many raw materials and compounds are used and many people are present. The facility is cleaned regularly to remove any spilled materials as spilled materials can be sources for microbial growth and concurrent spread. To monitor the microbial contamination risk from the environment, microbial analyses are performed. However, these tests often require days until results are obtained. This imposes a risk for running a production process in a microbial contaminated environment and thus potential product loss. The implementation of a RMM as the MuScan method provides a rapid result of the environmental cleaning process before the next production starts. The risk is reduced and products can be released earlier leading to a more cost-effective procedure.

Customer voice

‘This RMM MuScan method has given us so much more insight in the microbial condition of our facility. The MuScan method has helped us a lot to improve our cleaning regimes and is now used for routine monitoring ‘.


The final step before product release is the quality testing of the product. A microbial contamination can lead to a product block or recall. In some cases a rapid testing is required, as the products have a short shelf-life or need to be release as soon as possible for shipment. Application of a direct RMM like the MuScan method can provide such rapid results to maximize the speed in release.

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