Innosieve Diagnostics


The MuScan(TM) technology has been optimized mainly for the Pharmaceutical and biotech industry. However, the MuScan(TM) technology can also be applied for other sectors. Bringing this pharma product to these sectors enables new features and possibilities for rapid microbial testing in different fields of interest.


Rapid testing non-invasive testing

COPD or lung diseases have a major impact on patient well-being. Often recovery takes several weeks and damage of lung tissue is reducing the life-span of the patient. The diagnosis partially depends on laboratory tests for microbial infection. These tests can take few days, while immediate action is desired to avoid lung damage. In a Dutch funded research project, Innosieve Diagnostics and RadboudUMC developed a method for detection of microbes from exhaled air from infected patients. The results are obtained within few hours, including sampling. The sampling is not invasive, thus being much less traumatic and stressful than current sampling procedures. Following medical validation regulations, we anticipate this product to be accessible in few years for rapid microbial detection of lung infections. The project, called Exhalyzer, has won the first prize of the Venture Challenge Spring 2017. More information about this project can be found here.

Agricultural sector

Real-time analysis of spore pressure

Fungal spores in greenhouses or open fields are a major threat to growers as the production yield in dramatically reduced due to infection. Detection and enumeration of fungal spores is obtained by sampling air and collecting the spores of a solid growth medium. Results are obtained only after 7-10 days. In case of presence of spores the damage to the crop has already occurred. As a result growers use preventative spraying of fungicides. This is often an excess of doses bringing much environmental pressure. In a former project Innosieve Diagnostics developed an assay for the direct detection and quantification of fungal spores from air in greenhouses. Within 45 minutes results are obtained that are equal to, or better than the conventional method. In a current Interreg project Innosieve Diagnostics is developing a real-time, label-free spore detector to be used directly with a drone to collect and detect spores from air. The results are transferred to read-out software giving the grower a direct insight in the spore pressure at different locations on the field. This offers a major profit in gain of time for the growers, giving more control over crop quality and yield. Moreover, this method supports precision spraying and sustainability in agriculture.