For each equipment a Preventive Maintenance is advised to allow for most accurate results using hardware regularly tested by means of performace according to specifications.

Innosieve provides an annual Preventive Maintenance of the MuScan(TM) system. Even though the MuScan(TM) system is very robust, an annual intensive maintenance is advised to ensure proper and accurate results using the MuScan system.

The Preventive Maintenance involves thorough hardware testing following defined specifications. Next to that, the optical parts are tested to meet the strict requirements by means of intensity, sharpness and scanning area. The moving parts are tested for xyz movements. In case any changes are required to be made, adjustments will be set accordingly on site. In case of failure to meet specifications due to hardware damage, several options are available to guarantee continuation of your analysis with as small as possible delay.

Preventive Maintenance items

  • Evaluation MuScan pre-functionality
  • Port settings
  • Connection check
  • LED testing
  • Field position testing
  • Focus plane testing
  • Green fluorescence testing
  • Red fluorescence testing
  • Fluorescence calibration
  • Harware error invoking
  • Evaluation MuScan post-functionality
  • Each Preventive Maintenance, including all findings, are recorded and signed by the PM Engineer. This Preventive Maintenance Report is then transferred to the customer.

    Do you wish to plan a Preventive Maintenance for your MuScan device? Please contact us and we will get your MuScan(TM) system checked and ready for the following year.

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